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An amazing discovery to curb a worldwide, wild rodent infestation.

Invisible to most people, rodents are among us by the millions, and they are closer than you might think. Multiplying at a rate beyond our imagination; every city, suburb and country village may be affected.

Nearly all public restaurants and anywhere there is food storage or food waste represents the possibility of foraging by nearby rodents.

Using modern chemistry, CBCB Products has perfected a system and developed a proprietary formula to solve a modern day problem.  Using the natural instinct of a wild foraging rodent and our fresh smelling repellent, the numbers of rats will begin to reduce, as they are repelled from their food source at your residence or business location.

The Wild Norway Rodent has been on the planet for many years.  For centuries, the rodent resided at the bottom of the food chain.  Birds of prey and large meat-eating mammals have kept the population of rodents in check.

As metropolitan cities began to grow and expand, the population of “wild” predators that once foraged for food in wide open spaces, rapidly decreased in numbers.   Without fear of predators in growing metropolitan cities, towns, and villages, the rat population grew, and it grew fast.

Today, the population of Wild Norway Rodents is impossible to estimate and poisons are becoming a much less desirable solution to curb the rodent population growth.

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