About Us

CBCB Products, LLC
is an associated group of new product and service innovators located in the Chicago, Illinois area.  Our experiences have taken us to all corners of the world and into a variety of industries facing problems that require a creative approach to reaching a solution.  Whatever the challenge, we select the most talented and experienced among us to address the issues, research the available options and secure the resources and manpower to attain the proposed goals.

On occasion, an issue may affect a much wider audience and may not be associated to only one or two industry categories.  One such issue was brought to our attention during a business luncheon held at a New York street-side café in June of 2013. Attended by members of the CBCB executive team, shortly after our meal was over and we were enjoying coffee, our lunch was invaded by nearly a dozen rats that seemed to come out of nowhere.   Of course, we moved to the inside of the cafe and the discussion quickly turned to the overpopulation of rats in New York and other major cities.  What we discovered was that most New Yorkers have become complacent with the rats that have become part of their environment.  Our guests, New York City businessmen, were clearly embarrassed about the rodents in their city and agreed that the rat population was growing out of control. Our research began within weeks. Originally named the Pied Piper Project, our team worked hard to arrive at an alternative solution. That was mid-2013!

e-Raticate is scientifically engineered with natural Peppermint Oil to affect the olfactory nervous system of rodents and drive them from their food source.

As we continue to expand our reach, CBCB Products, LLC will always consider the environment as its primary concern.

The e-Raticate Rodent Repellant System is nationally distributed through C&D Sales and Marketing, LLC