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These awareness videos and the adjoining News Releases are for adult viewing only. Some scenes may be disturbing to children.

The contents of the RSS feeds used at the right of this page and others is an example of how abundant the occurences of a human coming in contact with a Norway Rat have become..  These are news feeds from all over the world.  And, although we provide our visitors with a genuine and direct  access to the most active Press and News Releases about Rats. Rodents and other pests have been overpopulating for over 200 years

Because all this news is fed directly from the news source to our page, we can not confirm authenticity of any file..  You must use your better judgement.while viewing or reading these direct News of the World-Wide Rodent Infestation. We apologise in advance, if you are offended by this material, just hit the back button and let it go.

The effects of the over-population of wild rodents are getting closer and closer every night!

25 years ago, you wouldn’t see more than one or two news stories per year, about Rats interfering with humans.

5 years ago, the news stories numbered up to 3 or 4 per month.

Today, our continuously running News Cast publishes every 12 hours, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

These are the signals that an awful piece of history is going to happen in our lifetime!

The home-made videos and news collections are sent in by e-Raticate customers.


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